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Professional precision parts by Leonhard – we make it work!

Leonhard precision parts is your reliable partner for manufacturing complex engineering components from steel, synthetic materials and non-ferrous metals. In our most up-to-date manufacturing and turning centres we produce parts according to our customers' specifications – ranging from single components up to medium-sized serial productions.

We deliver our finished product from raw material to precision grinding, ready for installation

CNC Milling | CNC Turning

  • Broad experience in our up-to-date facility that includes a CNC-controlled 5-axis processing machine
  • Highend CAD/CAM software: data processing including Catia V5

Further Processing

  • surface coating & high precision surface finishing
  • polishing & laser engraving

All-in package

  • procurement of raw materials
  • supplier relations
  • coordinating deadlines and transport

Who we are

Leonhard Präzisionsteile GmbH – welcome to precision and quality!

Leonhard Präzisionsteile was established in 1987 by Manfred Leonhard. Today the company is run by Michael Leonhard, who is managing the company in second generation. You can find us in the technology region Pforzheim Enzkreis, Industrial Park Eisingen.

Our strength lies in CNC Milling and Turning!

We manufacture tested components with all common surface coatings and high precision surface finishings. Another of our services is documented warehousing of our customers' tested, ready for installation precision parts. For blanket orders we are able to deliver your requested precision parts tested and ready for installation within 48 hours from our warehouse stock.

We are a trusted supplier for well-known companies from a broad range of industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, engineering, systems engineering, toolmaking and mold-making. Our facility is optimized for the production of prototypes, single components or serial productions. Our core business are production batches from 5 to 1000 pieces per batch.

Our greatest strength is our utter flexibility. We can react to our customers' demands within a very short timeframe.

Our daily business is manufacturing “living components”. They are under constant change and revision and the revisions have to be implemented and tested on an ad hoc basis. We are your reliable partner for important reworking or manufacturing new urgent (replacement) parts.

Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015




We work with several CAD/CAM systems to manufacture your parts on our CNC-machines. We process all common file formats, e.g. DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES, VDA, STL, Parasolid and many more.

Your requests for revisions, additions or modifications can be implemented immediately and with process reliability after they have been released by your designers.



We mill workpieces with simple to sophisticated geometry from all machinable materials.

We are processing sophisticated parts in our CNC-controlled machining center. With 5-axis simultaneous machining we can produce high-precision milled parts and geometries in one single clamping set-up.

This gives us the opportunity to manufacture quickly and cost-efficiently according to your specifications with continuous process reliability and the highest quality.



In our new production facility we are using the most up-to-date production technology to manufacture a great variety of CNC turning parts, according to your individual specifications. We cater to your every need ranging from prototypes or one single piece to serial productions.

We can produce complete turned parts ready for installation in our turning and milling centers that are equipped with the latest technology.

We can do drilling, boring and milling operations on the turning lathe by using driven tools.

Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing

In order to take off all production risk for our customers and to deliver tested precision parts ready for installation we are working with our highly-experienced professional partners in surface finishing.

Our expertise lies in knowing how fits, surfaces and threads have to be manufactured, so that everything is in perfect working order after surface finishing.

We are working closely with our professional partners to offer you the following processes for surface finishing:

  • colour anodising
  • hardcoat anodising
  • electroless nickel-plating
  • powder coating
  • painting
  • galvanic coating
  • polishing
  • hardening
  • waterjet cutting
  • sandblasting / glass bead peening
Laser engraving

Laser engraving

We also laser engrave your precision parts according to your specifications.
We have a passion for laser engraving and like to deal with complex tasks.
We laser engrave the most challenging parts and geometries.
We can laser engrave circumferences up to 360 degrees.



Speed is of the essence! That is why we offer to store our customers' finished precision parts, ready for installation in our warehouse.

The parts in our warehouse have documentation according to their revision status and manufacturing date and we retain a sample of every part for at least six months. Call us and we can inform you immediately about our warehouse inventory levels and give you the quickest possible delivery date.

Delivery Service

Delivery Service

For urgent deliveries forwarding agencies and courier services can be too slow. Damages in transit can occur frequently due to incorrect handling of the highly sensitive products.

To save our customers these kind of problems we are offering our own delivery service. As soon as your precision parts have been manufactured and checked by us, we can deliver them to your door. There is no safer or faster way. We are offering this service to our customers at unbeatable conditions.

Capacity list


  • Hermle C 22 mit Automatisierung / Palettenwechsler
  • Hermle C 800 U
  • Hermle B 300
  • Kunzmann BA 1000
  • POSMill H500 U


  • EMCO Hyperturn 45 SM2Y
  • EMCO Hyperturn 65


  • Thome Rapid Plus CNC Measuring Machine
  • MAHR Surface Roughness TesteMarSurf PS10
  • Optical Microscope (Leica)


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